Make shadows to an image to add depth on the use of shadows, these shadows are digitally on the image placed to give a more realistic effect. Every Shadow perhaps created from scratch or modified from an existing natural shade from the image. These can be shade anywhere and on any object placed to draw attention to itself.

What could I use it?

Shadow can be used on solid objects in an image to add depth to give the image, or to create a 3D-like effect, or you can create a reflection on reflective surfaces such as glass, table. However, fall, shadow is not reserved only for solid objects. It can also be used on a text or an image. It can bring any text that isn’t the background contras adding a shadow of the text makes it visible.

Shadow is the most common technique used by photo editing service providers to bring life to an image. It is the easiest method, an image depth, add by the use of simple change of light and shadow. With this service, combined with about services that are available as photo manipulation and image retouch it extraordinary changes to an image to bring. Image processing and retouching it bring extraordinary changes to an image.

How is it done?

Shadow placed to create by adding paths below the target in the appropriate forms and shades the area a shade similar effects. It need not always be shadows; it can be made in a reflection or shadow water reflection shadows to the same process.