Neck joint


When deciding which company give to your Ghost Mannequin images, you need to be aware, to look like for the quality in the images. The first thing you need to keep an eye, is the quality of processing, be careful that parts of the doll does not show on a pixel-pixel level, though not immediately visible to the naked eye when the doll is not completely he is removed will tell whether the image for bill board or other commercial purposes is blown. Also be aware of automated tools will have automated tools to get the job done in a very small amount of time, but affects the quality of the image and the joint may appear unnatural.

What is a neck joint service?

A neck joint service refers to the spirit Mannequin effect that is the illusion that an invisible mannequin wears clothes so you can both the front end and the inside of the clothes to see.

How spirits mannequin is being done?

The spirit Mannequin effect is calculated by combining two images create a garment of mannequins, and another without the mannequin inside the label is visible. Then the two image are patched together by the use of the neck thus clipping path services, to create the illusion of the mind mannequin. The color and brightness of the image is adjusted and wrinkles are the product look more attractive to their target customers to make digital. The color correction is also used so that you do not need to present different colors with different images, you can change the color in a single image, which will save you the time and effort.

What used his?

Ghost Mannequin services tend to present products online or used on posters. Since the neck joint to see people, which both allowed outside and inside of clothes at the same time, it is more preferable to present the clothes on a live model generally. Ghost Mannequin service is the best option to present your clothes.