Color correction

Color correction is the use of color filters and brightness settings an image more eye-catching. This can be done through the use of color filters and color filter, which changes the intensity of the colors and make specific colors such as neutral colors, this process is known as gray balance, neutral balance, or white balance.
Why we use color correction?

To give a different look by changing the shades of light and color, which filtered effects like the colors in an image area of a very wide range of light and color, any image can be changed. The color correction aims to change the perceived visual quality of the image, which means to make literally the image more eye-catching. This can be carried out in many ways, a color correction can adapt more than just the color of an image, it does also with the illumination of the image for special effects, such as the addition of light or rays of the sun in the background of an image, to bring the focus in the foreground of the picture.

It will give added from the customer for the product advertising used clothing and accessories, appear a striking. Other uses for the color correction of the car advertising include different colored cars to present a single image or special effects to use adjustments to the lighting to bring a single point of the image on the center of attention.
Color correction services