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SPECIALISTS IN Photo Editing Services

From award-winning design to eagle-eyed QA testing, we have everything you need to open new doors for your business.

WHY WORK WITH Techno assure IT?

It’s not just our track record, the efficiency of our process and the quality of our products. It’s the secret ingredient that makes it all happen: the bravery of our people. That drive and dedication has ensured technoassureit have delivered true value to businesses since 2018, and it’s how we’ll be a true partner in driving the success of yours.

Techno Assure IT BD is the online-based graphic design and photo editing company that you can trust. Here in creative customer satisfaction clipping,retouching,e-shop product photo editing our number one priority. Just as the saying goes, “The customer is always right”, that is why all our work always exactly as the requirements of our customers demand occurs. Remember, we want to please! With our team of highly specialized graphic designers and photo technicians 24/7 working to ensure that all work is carried out to the highest attainable quality to the smallest detail.

With a team of over 150 employees, under our wings you have nothing to fear, every one of them is capable of task completion requirements such as “color correction”, “image processing” to “complex clipping paths”.

The first thing you need to be aware of the image editing services that many of us out there, due to the high level of competition and the sheer number of competitors which companies it is often difficult to decide with whom you go will decide and who deserves your business, but here at Techno Assure IT BD we assure you that we are a cut above the rest, we provide the highest possible standard graphic design and image editing services so cheap, so it does not between us and our competitors can come confusion. Do not be fooled by websites that offer colorful pictures, and empty promises, with creative clipping, you can opt for a free trial, just so you can get an idea of the quality that we offer, as well as free quotations on the work done that you need and of course there is a discount on large volume quantities. So try us today.

Through the use of advanced technologies and dedicated work creative goal clipping to keep with us your costs as low as possible so that it offers cheap and affordable prices while maintaining professional quality and integrity. So do not hesitate to send us a picture and see the results for yourself.

Fargana Razzaque Tanny

Chairman, Techno Assure IT

Md. Uzzal Molla

“It ended up saving us money working with STRV, because they delivered premium product right from the beginning.”

Director, Techno Assure IT


“For the first time in our company history just about every single platform that we worked together on was featured on the app stores.”

Harry Lang, VP of Product @ Feeln


Whether you need a strategic partner to build your start-up from the ground up, or an expert team to get your project over the finishing line, we’ll deliver.

Clipping Path

  • Basic Clipping Path
  • Simple Clipping Path
  • Compound Clipping Path
  • Complex Clipping Path
  • Super Complex Clipping Path
  • Multiple Clipping Path

Image Masking

  • Channel Masking
  • Layer Masking
  • Translucent Masking
  • Alpha Masking
  • Hear Masking


  • Drop Shadow
  • Reflection or Mirror Shadow
  • Natural Shadow
  • three Dimantional Shadow

Color Correction

  • Levels adjustment
  • Curves adjustment
  • Adjusting hue and saturation
  • lightroom color correction

Color Correction

  • Image Retouch
  • Product Retouch
  • Glamour / Model Retouch
  • Digital Makeup
  • Image Restoration
  • Liquefy

Image Manipulation

  • Image Manipulation